Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I and many others want to know about you, internet stranger. This is just a simple to get to know people post. I will bump this throughout the week at different times so everyone can participate. If you see someone interesting don't forget you can look up more contact information on the squalorID page.

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I will start:

I'm Afro. I'm in Texas. Favorite colors are black, red, and purple. I love hard rock and Beyoncé. I might be addicted to twitter. I'm the judge of ALL of Kinja. I'm a Womanist. I love you. I'm a bit shy but am kinda cool once we hang out a couple times. I graduated from No Fucks to Give University with a BS and a MS. I am a Gemini. Me and the little Mermaid are about the same age.


Little known fun fact: I'm in love with JJ Watt. I am also Twitter married to Jenn44416.

Now is your turn. Tell us about you.

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