...that’s been said in your family this week. Kids and partners and other family members say the darnedest things. Come share them!

I have a couple, though we don’t have kids so we don’t get the cute, precocious stuff ‘round these here parts:

(Homey and I are hanging around the kitchen, talking about self-esteem for some reason)

Me: I have great self-esteem!

Homey: I know.

Me: No, like really, really great!

Homey: I know. (pregnant pause) Maybe too good?



(Homey and I talking about food)

Me: I didn’t have any pie all day yesterday. I’m a real health nut!

Homey: You’re a regular Jillian Michaels.

ETA: I’m watching the series final of True Blood and trying to explain stuff to Homey, who’s watched 0 episodes. It sounds something like, “See, Sookie has all these fairy light powers or she did till she went into a field and shot a bunch of fairy light powers off so now she’s down to one fairy light power...”


Homey: [longest sigh in the world]