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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Tell your least romantic stories

Do you love HoneyHeart and her beautiful optimism/positivity but you don’t need to remember there is love in the world because you’re a single person in quarantine and a) you know there’s love in the world cause you’re constantly reminded you don’t have it and b) you can’t do anything right now to go out and get love so you’d just like to not think about it at all?

If so, please come to the dark side with me! What’s the least romantic or shittiest gesture someone has ever done for (to) you?


I have so many but the first one that pops into my head is that one time, my ex went to my house when I wasn’t there, went into my room, stole a handful of opiates from me, and left an “I still love you let’s get back together” note in the empty pill container instead. I found the note weeks later when a friend threw her back out and I went to find I had no painkillers for her and when I messaged him he was mad at me somehow because he thought I’d gotten the note and just been ignoring it.

Dear Reader, shocking to say, we did NOT get back together.

Please, loves, tell me your horror stories and remind me why being alone can be better, cause it’s rough out there (in here?? Not going out is the problem haha) right now

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