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Temporary Flounce Post / Get Rich Quick Schemes

I may be scarce around here this weekend (you're crying, I'm sure), as we're switching internet providers. If all goes as planned, we'll have service as of Tuesday. In my absence, I give to you my list of ideas that have been swirling around my head for the last few days. Surely someone smarter than I can make these happen, and if you do and become a bazillionaire, I only ask that you don't forget your homey 4 lyfe, LuftWaffle.

1. We should have a seed exchange. I want some celery, but not 83 pots of it. I feel this way about most other container veggies and herbs, and I have various reasons for not wanting to hold on to eleventy billion seed packets for future use. Maybe this is something we could do at the TC meetup?

2. A website where women can sign up for/get lessons from other women. I taught my mom to make hypertufa last weekend, and it turns out some other people want to learn as well. I'm pretty sure I could teach someone to drive manual shift and get better at parallel parking. I'm sure everyone has some talent or skill they could teach others, and frankly, some things I'd feel more comfortable getting instruction on from someone I know and like.


3. Maybe this exists already and I don't know it because I'm not into video games, but it would be super cute to have a video game that combines Mortal Combat with cartoon animals. The idea for this came from me and Mr. Waffle talking about putting two betta fish in a tank together, and then it turned into a cartoon in my head, as my brain is wont to do, and it seemed like it could make for a fun game. No blood or gore, just knockouts and goofy fighting techniques. Fish would fight fish, birds would fight birds, and so on. At the end of the battle, the winner gains the ability to fight in another realm, like a fish could fight in a birdcage, or vice versa.

There you have it, LuftWaffle's Bajillion Dollar Ideas, ripe for the picking.

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