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Tempted by the fruit of another ...

The other day I was driving around, and I discovered not one, but two cherry trees growing by a building. Upon closer inspection via Googling the building's address, the site appears to be an accountant's office. The cherries seem to be going to waste as a lot of them are just littered on the sidewalk. I love cherries, and I'm kind of upset that they're not being used especially because cherry trees are extremely unusual around here. I really want to pick them, but I don't know how to go about doing so. Should I call the office or just go for it while it's still closed for the weekend? There's not a fence or any obvious security postings, so I don't think I'd set off an alarm if I just showed up. Anyway, I know a similar issue came up here recently, but I wasn't sure if the procedure would be different based on the property type. TIA.


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