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Ten Minutes In A Strange, Tiny Mall

So I was waiting outside for my grandparents to pick me up outside a tiny mall in the middle of Buttfuck Nowhere, Canada. They have no cel phone so they can't text when they get here, and I was getting tired of waiting outside in the cold like it's 1992, so I went into the mall anyway to look around.

I saw several things that I would like to share with you. What follows is a sample of what I saw within ten minutes accompanied by limited commentary.

Pay $2 for the awesome privilege of experiencing a natural disaster!


Fuck you. Seriously.

This might be the best ad for a sports store I have ever seen in terms of gender representation. Nice.


As an aside, her forearms are friggin hawt. I mention this because they actually show a woman in front who is quite muscular in the arms and I think it's awesome that they show that shit proudly. Yes. More please.

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