1. The scarf. Where else can you lustily sigh over a freaking scarf without getting the side-eye?

2. The gifs. Aurora f, you are Gifmistress extraordinaire and your supremacy is unchallenged.

3. The mod. TamTams, you do a really great job keeping us posted, excited, and organized.

4. The virgin. I never realized how much fun it is to watch with someone new to Sherlock but who is pretty perceptive. ;) Three cherries popped, three to go, Chimerical.

5. The after party. We love it when you Walking Deaders roll in to catch the next episode with us. It's cozy and we're all in a giddy state by then.


6. The sharing. Nobody on Facebook cares what you're eating, but we enthusiastically share virtual snacks all around. Also the wine.

7. The over-sharing. The chat feed feels like a super safe place because it's a temporary, fleeting moment suspended in time. We can say foolish things we don't want immortalized in comments!


8. The insight. "I never noticed that before!" "So that's what he's been saying!" "Oh, I had no idea that's what the Brits call a ______."

9. The show. Obvious.

10. The next time. I totally have this time blocked off. Anyone asks, "I'm tutoring remotely."