Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It’s been about two years since I regularly posted on here, so tell me what’s happened to you in that time! I’ll start (and believe me, my list is gonna be kind of crazy)

1. Greenhunk (remember him? sometimes I barely do) well...he ended up cheating on me, twice, and left me four months after we got married.


2. After he left he slept with my then roommate, so I kicked her out, so she put an entire can of tuna fish in my couch on her way out the door. (I still cannot believe this happened lolol)

3. I started working in mental health, with kids with pretty intense behaviors, and went from terrified to, eventually, confident and in love with my job.


4. I decided to go back to graduate school to become a couples and family therapist. I’m a year into the program now.

5. When Greenhunk left me he took our mattress, so I went to buy a new one and ended up dating and eventually falling in love with the mattress salesman, who now actually works with me in mental health (but on a different team - he works with adults with comorbid substance use and persistent mental illness).


6. I learned that my feelings are always okay, and with my partner learned to trust and have complete honesty in a relationship. This took a lot of time and work but he’s actually excited to do that work with me. We had (still have) a LOT of really hot sex. :D yes, he helped me break in the new mattress.

7. My sister had a baby, and my stepdad died.

8. We adopted a chameleon.

9. We eloped in Costa Rica a couple months ago! Our “official” wedding is happening later this year.


10. I got a new tattoo last weekend!

What’s happened to you in all this time? :D

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