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Welcome To The Bitchery

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Claire Danes

1) She ate five feet away from my station tonight.

2) She eats with her fork tines facing down all fancy like.

3) Unless she eats soft tacos, then its all hands.

4) She is the quiet one at the table. She is very kind to the wait staff and doesn't talk much compared to her compatriots.


5) She will shut down her friends that might spoil Homeland. Maybe they spoiled it before she said "No spoilers!", but I didn't hear it, sorry.

6) She rolls her tongue back around her molars a lot when she's just sitting back.


7) My stupid kitchen coworkers thought her voice was annoying, but obviously they just don't understand how awesome 'My So-called Life' was. Its obviously this.

8) The waitstaff liked her. Good on them.

9) She is stunning in person. Wow.

10) She smiled at the kitchen (at me, that's what I'm going with) and now I can truly die happy.

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