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Ten Year Since Buffy last Aired in the UK

To celebrate this sad anniversary the BBC has a piece on their website (news website at that) about all the things that made it so fucking special and for me it comes down to this:

"What's astonishing even now is to look at the cast line-up of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Not just Buffy herself, but also best friend Willow the witch, Willow's girlfriend Tara, nemesis-come-wary-ally Cordelia, ex-demon Anya, mother-in-a-trying-situation Joyce and latterly, the mystically-created sister Dawn.

So often now, a "strong woman" in a TV show or a movie will be almost entirely isolated from other women - from Katniss Everdene trying to survive the Hunger Games to Sandra Bullock's character in Gravity, from Carrie Mathison in Homeland to Daenerys Targaryan in Game of Thrones - female friendship, let alone having conversations with several women, seems utterly impossible for many of today's female characters."


YES, why is it when you have a great complex female character like Kate Beckett on Castle she is ultimately surrounded by men? I suppose it's because these Networks still seem to think if they appeal to the 18-25 male demographic they will make more money in advertising.

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