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Term bro is such a muddled mess or I am lost in the weeds

As some are aware there has been discussion over the term bro. Is it a racist term. I have been researching and find in too many ways it appears muddled at least in my mind.

The problem lies with the fact bro is an abbreviation of term brother. People love abbreviating words.

Brother in this context is men who are close like biological brothers but not although in a far earlier definition brother has applied to all men being brothers. Even Confusious used this definition. “All men are brothers withen the four seas”So this definition is seen in religion, philosophy, politics and labor. Its quite concievable along the even premiddle ages some English speakers abbreviated the term brother to bro informally.


Now you get to the 20th Century brother has in pop culture its seen a rise. Going back to the jazz age with the term bro. Yet bro also seems to connect with the surf culture of the 50s and 60s. Did it rise seperately from jazz period and really just a shortcut to brother or appropriation. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surf_cult… Needless to say I am in a muddle amd probably lost in weeds. Where is Will Robinson and Robot to help.

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