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Omg, we totally ran into this couple at the spa.

GC and I went for pre-wedding facials at our regular spa, and when we were waiting to check out we saw an older douchebag with his much younger girlfriend at the counter in front of us. The guy was being a real snot about some skincare testers while she silently stood next to him. He was asking for a menu of services that he was clearly never going to use and obviously just wasting everyone’s time.


The other receptionist came back to help us, and she complimented my new hair. We had been in a few days earlier to get our nails done, so she was excited to see how different it was. He immediately started mocking us and imitating, “OMG I LOVE YOUR HAIR!” We ignored him and GC paid the bill, and they had to move out of the way.

While she was paying, the couple was behind us and the girlfriend was holding a tissue paper that I think he used to wipe the tester off of his hand. He actually told her, “Ew, I don’t want it! Fold it up and put it in your purse!” She held on to it for a second and looked around until one of the receptionists offered to toss it for her.

GC was asked if she wanted a copy of her receipt and she declined. So we thanked them and left, and as we were leaving he said, “I’d like a copy of my receipt.” And one of the receptionists go, “Sir, you haven’t bought anything.”

I don’t know these people, it was barely enough time to process what was going on. But I hope that woman RUNS FAR AWAY FROM THAT GUY!


Please feel free to post about other couples you’ve witnessed that are completely wrong together

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