Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My aunt is headed back home today, and she sat me down to instill some (lack of)wisdom.

The talk started with her telling me how disappointed she is with me, and included gems such as:

*Don't marry someone you love, ever. Marry someone who is totally in love with you, even if you don't like them.


*Get yourself into a massive financial commitment, like a mortgage, so that that you'll have a reason not to quit your job.

*Stop being so selfish, you need to focus on your mother and her needs right now, followed immediately by...


*You need to focus on your career (the only reasonable thing she's ever said to me).

*Have kids, that'll snap you out of your depression.

*Move to the US on a visitor visa, you'll figure out the job thing, thousands of other people do!


THANKS, PewPewAunt! I will (not) keep all of that in mind.

Care to share your terrible advice anecdotes?

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