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Tessa and Scott Episode 3 ( A Martha Review)

Previously on Tessa and Scott.

Tessa cries on the phone to her mom, Russian Matthew Knowles, and that fake ass girlfriend.

First. shout out to tessa in this outfit.


Her stylist cares about her. Not everyone can say that.

We pick up with the pair doing normal people things, so we can all feel better about the lack of determination and discipline in our own lives.




I feel like have to note that all the canadian rap music played in the background of this show is the corniest fucking shit I have ever heard. No wonder it took you guys so long to be respected in the genre. 


Their Russian is away because she is off coaching their arch rivals, Meryl and Charley.

Let’s take a moment to talk about how fucking crazy that is. Like no wonder they got silver after this show aired. Like could you imagine if Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin had the same coach? Like how fucking crazy that would be? And they all train at the same place before and after each other. No wonder they fired her got new people and then won this year.


Baby boy, must have felt self concious about his acne cause he is beat to the gods in this confessional.


Good for him.

So then, Tessa get tickets in the mail for this Hall&Oates concert she’s going to. And this skater is all like ohh I wanted to go too. But I couldn’t get tickets. He looks like this.


Baby girl. Tess. Hun. This is the part where you offer to take him. I know you’re going with your mom, but your mom seems like a good mom. And as a good mom she will understand that you need to get fucked.

Oh well.

They train. And it’s going, but the common thru line is that Scott and Tessa are just not connecting, as said by tessa, scott, the russian, the dog, everyone.


Also I have finally figured out Tessa’s tell. When she’s being real, the pitch of her voice lowers and her Canadian accent comes through. Another thing that put this into more perspective, I went down a google search hole, this is their first season after Tessa coming back from a pretty serious calf injury and surgery. Also something that is kind of said quietly but is constantly mentioned throughout this episode and the series is that this is Tessa’s last season skating. In another interview Tessa talks about how they didn’t talk to each other for two months, which was a huge deal for them, because apparently when she was injured she wasn’t really honest with Scott about the extent of the injury.

Which puts all of scott’s behavior, and him blowing up at her, as much as a Canadian can blow up at someone, into clearer view.


He’s simultaneously preparing and freaking out about the start of life without her. And that she lied to him about hurt she was, and they don’t lie to each other. He’s just not handling it well. Bless. 

So now they go out on a double date with their Canadian team mates. It’s basically a double date. Probably to stave off the loneliness they feel when they’re not with each other!


Next day, They are at the rink. Scott apologizes for not being there emotionally with tessa. For being closed off.

They skate. So then they go to get into a lift and Scott pinches and injures his back. And it is not good. Making a hard situation even harder.


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