Before we get into it. Thanks for reading these you guys. I feel like I have learned more than I ever have in my whole life about ice dancing, due to your awesome comments and I feel like now I’m smarter than I was before about a subject I knew nothing about. Which is my favorite thing.

Previously on Tessa and Scott.

Scott fucked up his back so it’s DRAMA

While Scott is healing Tessa is off doing photoshoots and interviews cause at the end of the day, mamma is gonna make. that. money. Tessa also talks about needing to keep

Scott is at home making peanut butter and banana sandwiches and being sad. I do that too but switch the peanut butter with nutella. That doesn’t last to long tho cause, then he is immediately in the gym.

So it’s three days till skate Canada which is like a competition where they will skate against Meryl and Charlie, and scott’s back is still fucked up and hurts, so everybody is deep in their feelings.


They’re practicing and in a voice over scott says he’s “hopped up on painkillers” with a laugh at the end. It’s supposed to be a joke but he’s dead ass.

I actually think high scott is better and more tolerable than regular scott.

They are at a grand prix to compete which is important for reasons. Their parents are there getting sauced.


Look at how full those wine glasses are. Yes bitch.

So now as the moms are talking, is when they keep talking about retiring from skating. Like the moms say it and then Scott says it for the first time, “...When we retire from amateur skating.” See he says we, not Tessa leaving the door open for doing his own thing but the both of them.


Also please remind me to never put my parents on camera. Scott’s mom is openly weeping, you would think that they’re getting divorced.

They practice before they’re big event, but scott’s back is still fucked up and he is pushing through the pain.


There’s that famous platonic hug y’all. Which I will say watching it, I will say it is super platonic. It’s clear that it’s a pre performance ritual and nothing else. It’s the post performance shit you should pay attention to.


So they are getting some post performance massages and it looks like they’re making up.

They get ready to skate again, and they get good scores. I think they win something. YAY! But they’re not happy with it cause it’s not as high as they thought it was going to be.


That fake girlfriend calls, she gets one second and then he hangs up cause she’s fake. And then he and tessa go off to some fancy post award skate thing.

Next Time on Tessa and Scott.

Hot tubs!

Guns !