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It figures, doesn't it?

Yesterday in women's studies, we discussed misogyny and machismo, specifically the "potent sexuality mixed with aggression/violence" aspect. RIGHT after this happened, as i was driving home a crowd of men in a car started hollering and waving/making kissing faces at me through the window while we were both stopped at a stoplight. I looked over, realized what was going on, then shook my head and put my hand up to the window so they couldn't see me. Once we barely got through the light and into the intersection, they sped up, drifted right over into my lane within about an inch of hitting my car, and FUCKING CAME TO A DEAD STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET IN RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC ON A MAJOR ROAD while a few of them leaned out the window and jeered at me. THAT was when I flipped them off. Before that though, all I could think was "how extremely fucking entitled do you have to be to truly believe I deserve to almost get into a car wreck because I didn't want you ogling me?" Like, it's 0-60, in terms of "I don't get what I want? Fuck you then, bitch."

It's moments like this that I fantasize about carrying a box of hand grenades in my car.

In other news, I did pack myself an awesome lunch for today, and I have a little more time to sleep in before my government class.

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