I had such a great time at my class Thursday night! Thank you all for your encouragement! I will tell the story in gif form.

I took ballet for 8 years at a super strict studio (which is like most typical, all-classical dance studios) where we always had to be dressed exactly the same and walking off the floor with your shoes on was cause for an alarm to go off and you got in trouble...it looked something like this:

Last night, when I went to my dance class- it had been 14 years since I had taken formal dance (I did some dance team), but I was pretty sure I was going to look like this:

I got there early and everyone was super nice! My class had about 6 people this week, including me and the studio we use is much smaller than I am used to- which I think I like!


So much of what I knew came back to me, though knowing what to do and having leg muscles that are uncooperative don't make a prima balleriana right off the bat. No one laughed though! I'm so short and inflexible right now that for barre work I could only get my little, squatty leg on the lower bar. But, my teacher was totally fine with that.

My teacher is awesome! She's not off the super strict ballet school concept/idea that I grew up with and she makes it a lot more fun!

My chaine turns were a little out of control, but I just did a little of this:


laughed about it, and decided to practice a great deal before next week!

Finally...totally putting the horse in front of the cart...They don't give a crap about ages in classes. If I advance enough over time- I can eventually take point. I had to quit ballet when I was 12 because my doctor said there was no way my ankles would hold up in point shoes. Seriously, for 14 years I've dreamed about being able to take point- my Mom has already told me she thinks it's a terrible idea for my feet, etc. but I was like:


So ladies and gentlemen of GT, I'm sore as fuck, but I'm insanely excited. I'm going to go back to cutting down my sugars (I eat a LOT of chocolate) and actually start working out. The temptation of eventual point shoes has me motivated to do some shit. And, you guys backing me up is the whole reason I even made it to the class last night. I realized I couldn't get back on and say that I didn't go. I'm so happy I went!