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TEXANS: Sign This Petition to Stand Against SB1

Just got this from Sen. Wendy Davis; thought I'd share it with you guys. Texans, PLEASE sign this petition!

From Senator Wendy Davis:

Two weeks ago, it was ultimately the "people's filibuster" — a group of Texans crowded into the gallery of the capitol frustrated with the abuse they saw — that blocked Governor Perry's anti-women SB1.

I may have started the fight, but I didn't do it alone. That day, hundreds of proud Texans put the politicians currently in power on notice — abuse the power we've given you, and we'll take it back.

That day in the capitol, we all came together to fight for Texas women, their families, and their access to quality healthcare. Are you with us?

Join our grassroots movement against SB1 and join the fight for Texas families — add your name today.

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It was the voices of Texans that kept me going for 13 hours. And it's the dedication of supporters like you that reminds me what we're fighting for — a Texas where every woman has the chance to overcome her unique challenges and the right to make personal decisions for herself.

Those in power right now have been tripping over themselves to deny that chance. And no matter what tricks they try this time, they need to know that we are here, our support is growing, and we are standing squarely with Texas women and families.

The vote on SB1 is coming up soon. Add your voice to mine right now. Fight SB1!

I'm one person, and I took action. There were hundreds in the gallery that day, thousands outside, and they took action. Before this vote comes up, make sure you take action, too.

Your friend, and proudly your state senator,



And here's the link to donate to Sen. Davis' campaign. I just gave another $10. https://services.myngp.com/ngponlineservi…

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