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Texas AG tells parents to "drive around" and ask about dangerous chemicals

Gregg Abbot, the Attorney General of Texas, is blocking the public's access to state records documenting the locations of dangerous chemicals, and instead, is advocating that people drive around, knock on factory doors, and ask what dangerous chemicals they have.

The fact that dangerous chemicals may be being used near schools and nursing homes was brought to the forefront last year, when a fertilizer plant exploded in West, Texas. (Yes, West is the name of the town). The plant was located near 2 schools and a nursing home.

Despite this, the Attorney General of Texas has denied the public the right to access information the state has about what chemicals might be in their vicinity, on the grounds that the information might be used by terrorists. Instead, he advocates that residents contact companies directly, and ask them what chemicals they are using.

Apparently terrorists who might want to blow up facilities using hazardous chemicals in Texas will never think of using this approach...

And then there's simple matter of what the hell you're supposed to do if you discover that there is a freaking fertilizer plant right across from your kid's school?


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