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Texas Begins $350M in Medicaid Cuts; Disabled Children Affected

From the very pro-life Republicans. 

Some $350 million in cuts to a Texas Medicaid program providing therapy for disabled children have taken effect.

The reductions sparked outcry after being approved by the GOP-controlled Legislature last year.

They reduce revenue for some Texas therapy providers. Opponents say they’ll force providers to close, and could cost roughly 60,000 children access to speech and occupational therapists.


Another article.

Last year, the Legislature approved $350 million in federal and state Medicaid cuts, mostly toward therapy providers for disabled children. Opponents argued that the cuts would disrupt care — including speech, physical and occupational therapies — for tens of thousands of kids especially in rural areas. But many who supported the cuts argued that therapists got reimbursed at higher rates than necessary to provide services.


Ahh yes. Must be all those greedy child therapists. JFC did these idiots just get finished reading the abridged Ayn Rand collection!?

Oh and meanwhile no corporate CEO is ever “too” greedy. For them greed is good. For therapists (or anyone else not born with a silver spoon in their mouth) wishing to live above the poverty line is just so selfish. /s


Aaarghhh they’re just fucking evil. Any time someone attempts to call themselves ‘pro-life’ or ‘for women’ I’m just gonna scream in their face. I’m done. They don’t get to call themselves fucking heroes as they destroy our society and literally attack disabled children.

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