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Texas, Buttered Coffee, and Bob Herzog. Sunday Mornings are the best mornings.

My morning, so far.

CajunGinger brought us some serious WTF out of Texas this morning, but I suspect there's more to it than we're hearing from this dad and his special, special snowflake. A lot more. But that's just a guess. Also, I do feel it's individual parents choice as to when and how to introduce the "how babies are made" discussion with their kids, and a book which features a "frank discussion of sex" may not be the way you want it shared, without your presence.


ETA: I feel very strongly that the fact that this kid used "black" in a way to warrant suspension should be met with a metric TON of side-eye here on GT, instead of being all "hurrdurr, Texans and their anti-book/anti-education."

I'm drinking coffee with Plugra unsalted butter in it, in a "kickstart metabolism" and ketogenic diet thing. It'sā€¦ surprisingly un-buttery. Very odd. I feel very weird about this whole thing, and wish I had coconut oil instead.

And finally, your reminder that OH meteorologist Bob Herzog is literally The Best Meteorologist:

Also, I keep forgetting to mention this, but my eldest has set a date for his wedding! They're hoping to hold their ceremony in the Ft. Worth Water Gardens, in April. Just whoa.


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