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Texas, y'all, is all of us~

The lump in my throat & watery eyes today are left over from Hurricane Sandy. We’ve not fully recovered 5 years later and Harvey is so much worse. So much worse. The damage to life & property isn’t nearly finished; it’s only just beginning. Katrina was the worst yet, but Harvey may have her beat. I could not believe my eyes this morning when I looked at images.

Scattered thoughts because I can’t seem to collect them in a coherent way:

* Yesterday I was thinking about the people from New Orleans/Louisiana that wound up in Houston & were never able to go home again. The trauma of living it twice.


* The fundamental incompetence of the federal political infrastructure that is supposed to mitigate loss of life is being shown, YET AGAIN, how it’s done handily by the local infrastructure & citizens that rise to the occasion.

* Being poor will get you killed. DECIDING to “ride out the storm” is so much different than being UNABLE TO LEAVE with no one extending a hand to help. (I’ve always hated that phrase “riding out” since I was a small child. Even then I knew it was irresponsible.)


* I have more relatives & friends than I can count who’ve rescued people in small skiffs during past hurricanes. I’m sending extra hugs to the same type of maritime heroes in Texas.

* I am so worried that people went to their attic with no way out & no tools to cut an escape. Getting to the roof is hard; I hope the attic people are found.


* I’m sure, but I pray that I’m wrong, that the body count may be unbearable.

* People are fundamentally kind. They will not abandon their neighbors or any random stranger. We are good & we will take terrible risks for those around us. No question, no hesitation.


* The aftermath is going to take a decade to heal & sort. Look at the displaced from Katrina; that was 12 years ago. Look at the aftermath of Sandy 5 years on. I will say that the Jersey Shore & coastal New York City is full of money; so much has been done in less time. UNLESS you were hand to mouth to begin with, which many were/are. These are hundred+ year old fishing towns; many have never recovered.

* The disaster AFTER the disaster, which addresses people trying to help but making things worse. I’ll write another post about this later. For now, SEND MONEY, NOT STUFF! Even better, if you can send money make it as local as possible.


* I know many of you are as teary~eyed & throat lumped as I am. We are allowed to be sad from afar.

Holding you so close, Texas.

Feel free to drop off your thoughts & music in the comments~

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