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Text Conversation - Cause I just "enjoy the attention"

Yup, this just happened -

  • Him: Let's get together sometime soon.
  • Me: Maybe.
  • Him: Sounds good. take ya out to eat, and whatever ya want.
  • [no response. long pause]
  • Him: I think you would really enjoy it. ;)
  • Me: Enjoy what?
  • Him: Having my full and undivided attention.
  • Me: Excuse me? I'm sorry, are you saying that I would enjoy having your attention?
  • Him: I think you would enjoy being the center of attention, and by that I mean you would have all of my attention. :)
  • Me: I think you should quit while you're (way) behind on this one. You are digging a hole. Those comments are really patronizing! I tried to give you a chance to recover even!
  • Him: You have a great deal of depth to you.

I just don't even have any words for this.



  • Me: I'm not sure we would gel at all. I'm sorry.
  • Him: Maybe not, but I know I would be a better person from the experience.

So... I'm supposed to go out with a man I'm not interested, who says things that make me want to slap myself because it will help with his personal growth? I'm so sorry it doesn't work that way!

ETA 2:

  • Me: I'm not sure it works that way.
  • Him: You don't find pleasant experiences in talking to bright people, even if you don't always agree with them?
  • Me: Of course I do. But I don't think that your personal growth or enlightenment is my job. Especially when I'm not sure you even know how the things you say are wrong.
  • Him: Then tell me.
  • Me: First of all, your concept of what I would enjoy revolves around you. As in I would enjoy having YOUR attention. Then you say it's because I enjoy being the center of attention. Which if you knew me at all is a pretty rotten thing to say. It's actually a rotten thing to say to anyone no matter what. My enjoyment and happiness doesn't come from what a man thinks of me or the amount of attention he wants to fling my way. And your response that you would be a better person? I'm not sure you would listen, I'm not sure you would care, and it's not my job to help you with your personal growth.
  • Him: Ok

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