So, the eldest's father sent a message about something to do with grades and loss of video games. I agreed to take video game time away too (because consistent parenting is important, even though we only agree on around three things in the whole world).

I then asked if his gf could drop the eldest at my house Thursday am because he is Halloween'en with us. The following ensued. Sorry about all the mustaches/3D glasses, I was covering up his phone number. Giving it out would be funny (for me) and all, but ultimately not worth it. High roads and all.

The end of 4 ended up at the bottom of 3 because multiple texts don't always show up in order. I hope that's clear enough.

the whole just about quit drinking is such bs. Our son is 13, and good enough with the math to count how many drinks he fetches for his dad per day. And it's not zero (or 1, 2, 3). There's always the possibility that he's slowed his drinking because it doesn't go well with eating marijuana brownies. =|

Eta—the daddy he's referring to is himself. He makes girlfriends call him daddy. Blergh.


Eta 2—The eldest is going to get an earful from me for laughing at his father's misogynistic joke too. I keep telling him he doesn't have to laugh at things that aren't really funny. I know he just wants his father's approval, but come on. >=/