Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I had a bad day today. Or, I didn't have the awesome day I thought I would - it didn't start out to bad but when I got to work I got some bad news. I had to retake a test yesterday and was *so sure* I rocked it...except I didn't. In some ways, I feel like my supervisor docked me for some picky things...but still it's depressing and embarrassing as hell because some of the material is pretty damn easy. And I normally 'test well'. But for some reason I am super nervous when I take these tests (there is a time limit which makes me hurry through stuff I normally wouldn't). I had this happen once before in a basic organic chemistry class, I understand everything, have detailed discussions in class with the teacher in front of everyone, and then when it came time to take the test I would completely bomb it - like get a "F" bomb (not a fake 'oh I bombed it cuz I didn't score 100%)... WTF is wrong with me? I never used to have test anxiety. Plus I missed on stuff that I was like 'oh, duh, wrong number, of course it's X not X/2".

On the other hand, I had lots of ManCandy eyecandy action this week even thought the interactions were limited to "hi" in the hallway...and one gratuitous and entirely accidental EYE GROPING of his CROTCHITAL REGION. Ugh, I hope he didn't notice... so embarrassing!


And now the Kitten and I are on the couch, drinking wine and mulling over the day...and planning on how to wipe the egg off my face. :( (in regards to the test fail not the inappropriate looking).

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