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And! A friendly reminder to read your medical statements!

I don’t know about you guys but I am not very good about reading medical bills/statements. I check for my co-pay and pay it and that’s about it, unless something seems really unusual.


Well, last night, I was walking with a friend and asked about her physical therapy. Turns out, she’s having problems with their billing.

She’s been seeing them for a couple months and the first couple of appts. she was having electrotherapy ($58) and manual therapy (aka, they massaged her wrist for $55). After a couple of appts., she felt they electrotherapy wasn’t doing much, so they discontinued it.


Recently, she noticed that, once she discontinued the electrotherapy, the next appointment, they doubled the cost of the manual therapy.

She’s called to ask what’s up and been told, “Oh, they’re just coding it differently.” :| I mean, I’d get like a $5 increase to keep up with increasing costs or something but doubling the cost is way too much. And the fact that that happened right after ending the electrotherapy and charging almost the same amount seems suspect to me. Hopefully, this is just a slip up and they refund her some money.


So, anyway, read your bills.

And what’s up with you all? How’s your Th. looking?

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