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Thank god it's Friday. seriously. OT

Good morning GT!

I could not be happier to see a Friday. This week has been emotionally hard for me. I learned that the ex is doing everything he wants and presenting like he’s fine (because he probably is... because he has no soul). I am tired from having two late nights, including fielding a midnight phone call from a friend who was upset and crying about some stuff. I’m running off fumes.

I’ve been back in touch with an old acquaintance the past couple days, so that has been nice. Something totally fucked up happened though: he gave me a compliment. Nothing weird or amazing, just that I’m funny and smart and attractive. It has been so long that I’d heard something like that from a person who isn’t super invested in Team Jiffy that I cried. I got a fucking compliment and cried. That is how masterful he was in tearing me down. But on the plus side I woke up this morning and wasn’t immediately slapped in the face by pain and self-loathing. And that is a good thing.


Tomorrow I have another 5k with a bunch of friends (there will be something like 7 of us!) and other general shenanigans. And next week I’m getting more twists put in, so yay for that!

So how are you???

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