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Thank goodness it is almost time for a winter break from my office mates!

I like the people in my office, I really do, most of the time. There are only 3 of us, but one of the other people is gone a lot lately. The one that is around more, I joke about her being like my cool aunt who I can go to with some of my problems that I can't go to my friends or mom about. But, it is definitely hitting that time of year where it is good we are all getting a break of a couple weeks from each other. I shall list my grievances with mine. Feel free to share how the people you work with are driving you crazy!

1) My coworker uses "big" words, or tries to use them. But, often it is mispronounced so you can only have tell what it is or accompanied by "or whatever that word is." If you don't know the word, pick a different one to use! Like yesterday we were talking about the storm front coming in. Apparently it is a "psuedo-modified arctic cold front" (I'm still not sure what that means, something to do with pressure and whatever). But, when she was telling me about it, she kept calling it a "prosudo" front, even with the word right in front of her. It took me a while to figure out what she was saying. Or, she pronounces especially, "ekspecially"...normally it isn't that big of a deal, but right now it is about to send me into a rage!

2) She has all these really annoying pauses in any story she is telling. So, things take twice as long as they should, and you feel like saying "And....." or "JUST FUCKING HURRY IT UP AND TELL YOUR STORY ALL READY!"


3) She keeps humming! I posted about this in a FUCK IT FRIDAY! a few weeks ago, and it is just making me more crazy. She keeps humming, and it isn't like she is humming a song or anything, it is just tuneless humming. My iPod is old and doesn't have enough room for both music and all my podcasts, and I find podcasts too distracting for the work I'm doing, so I can't listen to it. I keep turning up my space heater in hopes of making more white noise to drown her out. But, all that does is make my office hotter and still doesn't make it so I can't hear her. I might have to look at investing in a new iPod that can hold my music so I don't snap and kill someone!

ETA: We are in a tiny 28x28 building, it is split in half, where one half has the bathroom and my office with a hallway in between. She is in the other half which is open and two desks. So, I can hear her pretty easily from my office, but there is some separation, otherwise I would have snapped already. Please accept this office diagram. I would close my door, but in this work environment, that would come off really rude. I am frustrated, but don't want to ruin relationships here.

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