After an extended stay with my parents in Alberta, I got back to Ontario on Tuesday night, arriving home at around midnight. I rent a room in the basement of a house - the homeowners share a room upstairs and there's one other renter upstairs. I spent a couple hours unwinding after the flight, then was just about to get ready for bed when I heard this strange noise.

At first I thought it was the space heater (nope), then the fan on my computer (nope), I opened my door and discovered the noise was coming from the furnace room. I opened the door to that room to find water gushing onto the floor. I went upstairs and woke the homeowners, who came downstairs and turned off the water pump - in less than five minutes about 1 1/2 - 2inches of water had filled the room and soaked the carpet in the little hallway. If I hadn't been here, the water would have run overnight, probably flooding my room as well.

Disaster narrowly averted.

In other news, I still don't have a real job, I haven't heard from the prof who I do research for, my room is a disaster, I've been eating nothing but junk food for two days, and I'm still exhausted.