Expect the return of Fun with Etymology next week.

Good gods, this semester sucked. It was long. And felt even longer because of how late Thanksgiving break was. I was sick all of October and half of November. The Prophet started grad school and had a long adjustment period. There was arguing. There was crying. There was just plain tiredness.

I presented at my first real conference. It was a mess, but I got the experience. I still need to get my registration reimbursed by the school. I gave a reading of my translation of Dream of the Rood. That was good. A former professor asked me if he could use my translation of the Seafarer in his World Myth class as a companion to the Prose Edda. Maybe in the Spring I'll be able to run up to Minnesota and do a guest lecture. Probably not, though, because schedules suck. I applied for an MFA in Translation to go with my PhD. I'll know in the Spring if that's officially a go.


Our car decided it hates us. Three weeks ago we had to get new tires, new shocks, new tie rods, and a new back axle. Today the check engine light comes up because we have a misfiring sixth cylinder. We can't win with this car. We can't afford a new one any time soon.

I hated my papers this semester. There was a paper that should have been interesting, but I just couldn't find the time to care enough to make it really interesting. It's conference length, though, so I'll just use it at the school's annual grad student conference because fuck it, I want more lines on my CV.

My translation paper was just not coming together the way I wanted it to. In part because the argument I wanted to make was bigger than what I was asked to give (professor wanted ~15 pages, I had what I thought was an article-length argument of about ~20-25 pages that I wanted to cram into 15). Turns out that I'm pretty sure the argument I want to make is more like a dissertation chapter in length as I realize how much more I want to say than 25 pages will let me say. So ugh. The paper feels like shit because I'm condensing ~50 pages of idea into 15. On the plus side, I have a dissertation chapter idea.

And I taught for the first time. That was an experience. Any advice on how to make the students show up for class? I'm not allowed to put an "X absences and you flunk" policy, so I need something else. I had 1 A-, 1 F, and mostly C to B range grades for the rest. Overall, not bad kids, just singularly unmotivated in most cases.


Now it's over. It's all done. Fuck it, I'm drinking and watching bad tv. Hope the rest of you had better semesters. Let me know if you did so I know who to be jealous of. Peace.

(Picture's how this semester has treated me. It was supposed to be how I treated this semester).