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Welcome To The Bitchery

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Yesterday I asked for some tips regarding a sleepless partner and boy did it ever help! We actually slept last night! SLEPT.

By the end of the day he was carefully tuning in if I was still up for coming over that evening. He’d been cursing himself all day and we were both sort of pulling back in order to not make the other feel uncomfortable. But then I asked the lot of you for advice and concocted a little plan.


So we met up, cooked dinner, -had awesome sex-, watched a few scenes of lotrs on tv, played some guitar (he’s teaching me!) drank a beer and a half and put into motion: THE PLAN.

No screens half an hour before bed. A shower for him to cool him down. Window open for extra air. A sleeping shirt for both of us, because cold. Each our own duvet. No cuddles allowed whilst falling asleep.


We woke up twice (not counting the morning) throughout the night and had this conversation:
“How are you?”
“Good, sleepy, you?”
“Good! I just woke up, which means I was sleeping just now!”
“haha awesome, me too!”
“zzzzzzz” “zzzzzz”

You have no only risen to the challenge, but defeated it! Needless to say we boxed & high fived this morning over a very successful nights rest. So...


Side-note: Remember how my ex felt that this here group was poisoning me against him? And we were incapable of anything but actual groupthink And it was a bad place to hang around? And why would I want to talk to people that I don’t know online anyway?
When I mentioned to boobieguy (boobiedick for obvious rhyming reasons) I’d asked ‘my forum’ for tips, his response was “It’s so cool that you hang around on forums. I do that too, needless to say mine are all guitar-related, but still!” <3

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