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Thank you :)

The original post went *poof* but I want to say thank you to those who read/commented on my post about needing advice as a new cat owner. Your kind words, practical advice, and personal stories were all appreciated—AND helpful! I’m glad I wrote that post. You all provided a lot of clarity and it was good for me to get my thoughts out in writing.

I’m doing much better today and it is great to see how Bonny is progressing day by day. I check on her whenever I have to get up at night, and last night when I saw her looking so confident on the windowsill, just looking out the window—it is the only time that she does not look over her shoulder at the smallest disturbance—I smiled and thought, Damn I love this cat. It was good to admit that and see her on her own, not with all my previous associations with my past.

Anyway, here are some photos of Bonny, as requested.


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