Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

For all of your wonderful, thoughtful, diverse stories and comments on Catcalled. Despite the often disheartening subject matter, it was great to read all of your responses. I was both comforted by the fact that this is an issue many people—men and women—take seriously, and challenged by some truly interesting opinions and points of discussion that I hadn't really considered before.


I've read every single one of your responses to the article, although I still have to go through and read the responses to comments. I was very pleasantly surprised by the almost complete lack of trollish behaviour. I'm so pleased that this project has gotten this kind of exposure in the last couple of days (although I also look forward to reading the articles and Groupthink posts I've missed yesterday and today due to the NOTIFICATION TIDAL WAVE). I'm hoping this project, along with other efforts like it, will continue to grow, because I think these sorts of grassroots efforts are sorely lacking.

Tl;dr—HI YOU GUYS, YOU'RE ALL AMAZING AND I MISSED YOU. Now off to play some Groupthink catch-up!

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