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Insurance Changes Suck

I know most people here are pretty liberal. I know a lot of you will benefit from subsidies given for health care. I've known since the beginning that that money would have to come from somewhere. My husband and I have just gotten to the point where we can pay our bills, buy a few things, and save a little. That may be ending.

We sat down to do husband's open enrollment for insurance. I've been on my husband's insurance for the last 2 years because, even though I work for a health care entity, his company's coverage kicks my company's ass. His medical plan will go from $83 to $123 every 2 weeks to cover the 4 of us, plus a fee of $46 because I qualify for coverage at work and have opted out to be on my husband's plan. That's $86 more every 2 weeks for medical. With other increases (dental and vision are now separate charges), we would be paying over $200 a month more for the same coverage.

I have no idea what insurance coverage costs where I work because I haven't used it in 2 years but HR was already told that it's going up 15% this year. My open enrollment doesn't start until after Hubby's ends, so I have to try to wrangle someone at corporate to give me some numbers so I can see what we are going to do before his open enrollment ends.


*Edit As someone pointed out, other companies have been charging spouse fees for years to keep costs down. I don't really understand that since covering a spouse already doubles the insurance fee, but whatever. I think $200 a month is a huge jump a month to spring on people regardless.

Also, reading more on the site, if I use my company's coverage as my primary, I can use my husband's as secondary insurance. Even if my company's coverage is just meh, his insurance company will pick up the slack.


The coverage my husband had at the company before this one was horrible. We had to have everything reimbursed and then they would argue with us when we turned charges in that they had already paid them. Most of that was for insulin that diabetics have to buy every month. I would have to explain that EVERY time we turned in a charge. There are different dates for the identical charges for identical things. We would have truly been better off with no insurance on him. I just worry that that's where we are going again.

It would be really nice to get ahead and not just be treading water.

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