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Thank you all for the well wishes!!!

I passed out after writing that and then had to get up early for friend to take me. I qualifies for the stamps but not immediately bc I no pay rent to human. Friend came over with tacos and we had breakfast and coffees and then were at the social security place for 4 hours. Then we picked up partner of friend and got moar tacos. My mommy had given me some money so I gave some to friend for gas cuz he had to drive me all over the damn place. My tacos were lengua (tender, beefy, and delicious), tripas (cut into tiny bits and fried up crispy and delicious, carnitas (basically taco filled with crackling. Crunchy porky fatty goodness) and chorizo (thick luxurious and spicy ). So good. My outlook has improved and my belly is full of organ meats, and food stamps coming for me in a month AT THE LATEST.

I love you all.


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