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To everyone who reached out to me yesterday. Fluter, Mayati, Zojako, Bittertaylor, McCoy's Mistress, CajunGinger, redlineranger, many others. I love you guys and I love this community. You help me feel less alone while I'm trying to get my life back on track, which has seemed like a very lonely task for the past few months. Thank you.

Now on to the GOOD NEWS


I had a job interview today, and it didn't suck! It actually went extremely well! It was at a Starbucks not far from where I live. The manager was really friendly in what seemed like a very genuine way, and told me straight up what the job was like and what I could expect, so I wouldn't come into it with any illusions. The pay wouldn't be stellar, but it would be enough for me to rent an efficiency or room in a house once I combine it with my financial aid money that's supposed to come through next month. Anyway, it's a MASSIVELY HUGE load off my mind that this came through, and I feel confident that they'll offer me the job. The manager openly told me he really liked me, liked what I had to say and was going to run my background check immediately, then asked me when I could start. ALSO, he said that their location is slower on weekends which would allow me to take time off to do my volunteer work which is EXCELLENT.

I felt really good about the whole thing. Yay, coffee! Yay, potential source of modest but regular income!

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