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Thank you, beautiful diamond people~

You answered my questions with your thoughtful recommendations & I took your advice to heart. You killed it & also made me a better person :) Sooo, very lovely & appreciated.

I’m not going to specify any one thing anyone recommended; just gonna hope you know:)

I also want you to know that “Slime” was high on my list but I ultimately decided that a) she may have outgrown it & b) it is expensive to buy outright & home making a kit is just as costly. I wanted to put money elsewhere:)


What’s wrapped & ready to go, in order of wrapping times. I jotted down a list as I wrapped:

  • Candy, cookies, microwave popcorn, chips & hot chocolate mix. I thought twice about the junk food, but ultimately said, “Yea! Christmas junk food!” (all in one box)
  • Glitter pens & glitter paint.
  • Bath & Body Works scented lotion.
  • Watercolor paint set (not middle school, adult style; 12 color cakes in a metal box) water pan palette & brushes.
  • “Hidden Figures” book; Young Reader edition.
  • “Totally Irresponsible Book of Science”
  • “You Can Draw It All!” book. I thought she, like my young self, would love a tutorial on how to draw stuff since she’s drawing stuff anyway.
  • Chinese Brush Painting set....boxed. So lovely. 2 brush handles with 8 brush heads. Ceramic water bowl & brush holder. Black Ink block. 7 tubes of watercolor paint. Tutorial book & paper.
  • Watercolor Paper pad & Sketch pad.
  • MICROSCOPE!!! This one was difficult & you all came through with excellent advice. I opened it up to look at it & loved it. Packed extra batteries. ETA a peekture:

Lego: Chain Reaction:


* Monopoly & Jenga games

* Sports bra & socks

* Justice Outfit; the Justice logo is sparkly, plus kitten leggings & a kitty t~shirt


* Knitting loom kit from the 5Below store, for a headband with a floof & fingerless gloves, which will match her Justice clothes.


* 20 piece drawing pencil set, all grades of lead & charcoal & blending nubs & sharpener.

I made a side bag for her parents to include a note & receipts & extra batteries & extra yarn. I’m tempted to put cash in a card for holiday dinner but I’m afraid it might get pinched, so, probably a Visa gift card instead even though it will subtract $4.95 in fees. Mr 4th was totally on board & gave me his credit card to pay for more than half.


Thank you, times a billion, from the depths of my heart for your excellent help & advice, GT.

I can always count on you. *LOVE!*

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