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Thank you, Chasmosaur!

For this amazing recipe:

I made it tonight for me and the Constable and it was sooooooo good. Plus ridiculously filling. I had one wrap, he had two, and we have at least a third of the food left over. Thanks again for a great suggestion!


(ETA: I subbed low-fat sour cream for the creme fraiche and spinach for the water cress - still delicious!)

For anyone interested, I'm still keeping up with planning my meals, although I have been making small tweaks here and there, like when I realized it would be easier to make a different breakfast one morning, or that there's so much food left over from dinner I can have it the next day. I'm still really loving the general feeling of structure! I was thinking of posting about once a week with that week's adventures in the kitchen - since I'm still learning a lot, I'm very open to suggestions on how to tweak things, new recipes, etc, and you guys have been so helpful!

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