...that’s why I love this place, mostly unbiased advice! I picked up some Zyrtec and Flonase. The Flonase situation was indicative of how shitty allergies are this season, I guess. I didn’t get the “D” as someone mentioned it wasn’t necessary. I’ve been taking Claritin-D. Fingers crossed!

I did also pick up some FeBreeze anti-allergy spray, which probably won’t do much but it was only 4 bucks. And some pillow cases. The only thing I held off on was the air purifier, so I could research a bit. Is this really worth it? And the window situation, I have gorgeous floor to ceiling windows and a beautiful tree right outside and I love opening the window while it’s still mild out. Is this a huge no-no or would it make that big of a difference? Probably depends on what is causing my allergies to flare up, I guess...

I always felt SO bad for people with allergies. Right now I feel like a huge pain in the ass for missing work because of them, I realized that since the start of the year, every time I’ve thought I was catching a cold bug, it was allergies. It seems like people don’t take it seriously—even today, our assistant emailed “at least it’s just allergies, hopefully you can get it under control.” No no no, I have always maintained that allergies are the WORST. Even before I got them. Colds go away, allergies do not. I am so bummed I ended up with them :-(

Anyhow THANK YOU TONS for all the advice and solidarity.