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My profile problem is sorted!* A special thank-you to quashitlikeitshot, Smithwellette, Matthew McConaissance, Violet Baudelaire and car54 who all gave me the pieces of the puzzle/pulled me (and my now defunct new profile) out of the greys yesterday.

Last night I suddenly remembered I logged into GT one time from SmallBeaver's laptop and when I checked, lo and behold I was still logged in. I just switched it over to Facebook in Settings, and here I am on my desktop this morning with everything working perfectly. If this ever happens to anyone else - think back to all the glorious devices upon which you have ever GT'd!


I should also say that I am genuinely touched - not to say a little baffled - at how sweet everyone was to me yesterday. I really missed you guys and I'm so happy to be back among you now that life is sorting itself out.

*I feel super-dumb even writing this because it's SO INANE AND WHO CARES, but since I know some folks read everything on GT... I had to shut down my Twitter account due to some very annoying harassment, but in the process I forgot that Twitter was how I logged in on GT. For some odd reason Twitter wasn't letting me reactivate even though I was within their 30-day grace period, so I thought I was starting from scratch on GT.

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