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Thank you, Groupthink

Others have said it; probably better. You all held me up through some tough shit in the past & especially through this year, what with our orange overlord ascending.

A roundhouse kick to the face is what this year feels like. I’ve never been shy about fighting or sticking up for someone/thing, but I’m hunkering down lately, staying low & close to my touchstones, while at the same time being more out in the world than ever. Figuring out what I can & can’t do before the rest of the shit hits the fan, without being CRAZY confrontational. Once the rest of the shit hits, and it will, I’ll do anything.

I’m just so grateful to have this place to talk & to read what you all are feeling & doing & laughing about, even if I don’t feel like engaging. Lurking has it’s benefits:) If anyone has been lurking & nervous &/or in the greys, I’m extending a true welcome for you to leap in & engage:)


What I’m saying is, I treasure you all. In years past & in this New Year I’m so glad to have you all in this GT world. I know this isn’t a “safe space.” Fuck it!

For good measure? My name is Danielle & I make the pretty for a living while busting a nut (ovary) & I love my people with the heat of a thousand suns.

What are your feelings & what is your measure?

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