You know, once in a while you come upon a group of people who are just too awesome, too caring, too kind, and too funny, and you have to remind yourself that these people are real, and not imaginary.

You guise are the best bunch of non-imaginary friends a gal could ask for.

I participated in a charity walk on Friday to raise funds for an organization that trains assist dogs for seizures, autism, mobility, hearing, and diabetes. Your donations not only helped me hit my individual and team goals, but helped make this year's walk the most successful they've ever had! The walk raised $56,000, which is $6,000 over their goal, and they'll be able to raise two more dogs for people who need them.

I'm working on emailing each of my donors individually, and I'm trying really hard to figure out who a couple of you are (your GT name, that is; I'm not stalking you, SWEARSIES). In the meantime, let me leave you with this story from the walk:

It was a bright but chilly day, and my mom had made long-sleeved shirts for us to wear with our team name on them: The Sweet Pees. We queued up to start the walk, and I'd been wearing a sweatshirt. The walkers started going, and my darling mom says to me, "Take off your sweatshirt, show off your Sweet Pee-ness!"


I narrowed my eyes and asked, "What did you just say?" My mom loves a dirty joke, but she also tries to keep things appropriate to the social situation, so I found this joke a little odd.

"Show of your Sweet Pee-ness! *GASP!!!!*"

And that set the tone for the day. We could hardly look at each other from that point on without bursting into giggles.


So thank you, GT, for giving my mom a venue in which to shout that out.