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Thank You, GT

Dear awesome people of Groupthink,

Thank you for being here for me everyday when I come home from work. I know, no matter what bullshit or morons I deal with through my day, that I can come here and converse with awesome people with sanity and respect. I have leaned on you all so much during this election season. With complete honesty, I would not be in the (somewhat) decent mental shape I am in without the support and camaraderie of this community.

I am 32 years old. I genuinely hope, with all my being, that this will be the most important presidential election I vote in. I realize I was lucky in that I didn’t live through Vietnam or the Civil Rights Movement stirring up American society. While I view them through the lens of history and not my own memories, I feel like good things came from those movements. We became more critical of slaughtering people, both abroad and home. Some of us stepped away from white supremacy, imperialism, and racism.


I am so afraid that nothing good will come from this election, that the hatred and dehumanizing of others will continue unabated and unchallenged. I want to be wrong. I hope I am.

I have never knowingly met any of you in person, nor talked on the phone. Yet the impact to my life, and the pride and affection I feel for you all, is deep and real.

Thank you for holding me close and keeping me safe, even if only in words, gifs, and memes, for the past 6 months. Here’s to the next 4 years.



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