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Thank you, GT! :D :D

I've got a funny story about these items sitting here on my favourite chair. So, I'm tired and my hips and legs are sore after yesterday, and I'm lazing on my couch and reading. My front doorbell rings. I yell, "Hello?" because the door is open and standing is complicated. I hear, "FedEx!"

Just then, Other-Husband comes through the other door, leaving it open. He goes to the front, and as he is talking to the FedEx guy, the other doorbell rings, and I hear, "UPS!"


Y'all I laughed loud enough to scare the cat.

Thank you, GT. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Also, a sepearate thank you from the LittlestSmacks, who came in, saw the things on the chair, and asked who sent them. I showed him the packing slips, and he said, very solemnly, "Tell them I said thank you." And then he asked if he could have tuna salad on crackers for dinner, and Chex for dessert :D

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