I’m cramming a bunch of stuff into this one post so as not to clutter up the board with inanities. Golden raisins are so yummy :) Thank you! I see a batch of oatmeal cookies happening very, very soon. I have been so very tired today, I have fallen asleep literally every time I sat down, including in the bathtub. I have inspiration to get up and make cookies now! Ooh, and maybe raisin bread... hmm...

Haha I’m watching one of the cats try to steal a piece of my 11 year old’s Pirate Booty. It’s weird that he’s so into it, but my son just gave the cat a piece and he picked it up and carried it off to the other side of the bed, and is sitting there gnawing at it. Silly kitty.

I got my 13 year old new sneakers the other day... men’s size 10. His feet are now bigger than his dad’s. Amazing. He absolutely loves his new shoes, to the point that I suspect he may have slept with them on the first night.

Husband got his bonus yesterday, and they get a special 25% discount on one purchase over the next 2 days, so, off to do the Christmas shopping tonight. It’s kind of frustrating to be limited to getting all the kid’s gifts from this one place, but, it is what it is. Each kid gets a book, a toy (movie, game, whatever), something somewhat educational and fun (science kit, craft kit), and one “big” thing from Santa. We learned a long time ago that with 4 kids, you can’t just go nuts on holidays.

The discount applies to groceries, too, so I’ll use up what’s left on the food card tonight for Christmas Eve/morning snacks, too. We always have my mom’s side of the family and assorted friends and neighbours over for a big deal on Christmas Eve, and I make a bunch of snacks and appetizers along with coffee and mulled cider.

Speaking of neighbours, my neighbour who had back surgery the day before Thanksgiving is doing well. She’s walking around and isn’t in too much pain. My kids took turns staying with her to help her with whatever she needed for a few days, but she’s ok to be on her own again, now. She’ll be here with her son (who’s started calling me Aunt Honey... Awww...) on Christmas Eve, of course.


Well, dinner won’t make itself (damn... I need Molly Weasley’s wand...), so thank you GT, once again. I love you all!