Today was a bit rough. My 10 year old had to go to the dentist at 6.30am. He'd never been to the dentist before (please don't judge. We've never had insurance.) and he was more than a little freaked. Like, hiding in the corner and screaming "No! Take me home!" freaked.

Bless the dentist for being kind and patient. She had to give him nitrous to get him to even stay in the chair, and he still screamed :( She decided to pull that cracked tooth rather than fix it, because it was a baby tooth, and quicker and less traumatic for him.

She also hit on the idea of covering him with the lead apron to help calm him down, after I said something about how I should have brought his weighted blanket (he has autism and the weight/pressure helps him be calm. His blanket is quilted and filled with plastic beads, like beanie babies. It weighs 8.5 pounds.)

So, anyway, after all that, we got home, and there was a box waiting! There was a pound of dried mushrooms in the box, which is extra cool, because I have a pot of veggie stock that I just made. So I have carrots, potatoes, dried tomatoes, and now dried mushrooms to make soup with. Thank you very much!!! (The cat also approves. He was rubbing all over the bag while I was trying to take the picture.)