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Thank you, Mother Nature!

GIANT m-fing storms ripped through here yesterday afternoon (I'm in western/central NC) and we haven't had power for almost 19 hours now. GOOD TIMES!

I was, in fact, happily surfing the internets, and probably GT, when the sky immediately went to black and the strongest winds I've seen in a long time suddenly appeared. I really thought we were getting a tornado. Our house is surrounded by very tall trees, and I look out the window and the fuckers are being bent over almost to the ground and there are leaves and branches flying everywhere. The rain is literally horizontal. The dogs started freaking out a little (one of them is seriously thunder-phobic), the lights flickered on and off about 1o times and then stayed off. And then it was over, save for a boring thunderstorm.

You have no idea how much you're dependent on electricity until it's gone. No A/C, no TV, no internet. We can't use the stove, the fridge is dead, can't even make coffee. At least, thank the goddess, we can use toilets and shower. We have plenty of candles and a few flashlights. B was with the boys at their mom's house, and I drove around just to pass the time and almost every streetlight was out (as an aside, WHY don't people remember Drivers Ed 101 that says when a streetlight is out at an intersection, it essentially becomes a 4-way stop and those rules apply! People were seriously wanting to die last night like it was fucking anarchy or something. Grr) Read books by candlelight and hoped for power in the morning. Nope, still out.


So here I am camped out at Panera, charging all the things, and hoping we have it back by this afternoon, tonight at the least. YAY big fun.

Here's a pic that doesn't do justice to the damage, but it's our driveway, garage and the field beyond, in the back where you can see the top of a tree that got blown over. I'm lucky my car didn't get smashed, I had it parked under a big tree, too.

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