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Thank you to whomever sent the toilet paper and gift card. I am overwhelmingly in your debt. We just moved and our accounts are at -$1000, especially after my surgery. My school doesn't start paying me until the middle of September, but bills and rent don't wait. Things have gotten beyond bad, so I haven't been around. Still, right as I hit a low point, your generosity helps me remember there's still a lot to be thankful for.

I'm meeting with my disability coordinator tomorrow. Does anyone have experience being a PWD in a graduate program? I could really use some reassurance. I am feeling overwhelmed and lost trying to navigate the world as a PWD. Beyond that, we are so swamped with medical bills and debt. All our cards are maxed out and I'm living off of the food Gt has sent me until things look up (they should soon). I had a director of my university say it was our obligation to disclose disabilities to our students today. He made some ableist and sexist comments. That combined with everyone staring at me and my mobility aids, not wanting to sit with me, etc has made my mood very low.

I'm so thankful for this community. Thank you, Groupthink. Thank you so much.

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