I just wanted to post a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for reading my big-ass vent about getting dumped and being sad, and for offering your hugs and words of wisdom. I am still a bit of a sad sack (hey, it’s barely been three days, I’m alright with that), but I keep coming back to this post and reading the comments and am finding it CRAZY FUCKING HELPFUL (and a little tear-inducing, but not in a bad way; you guys just really nail it in a way that resonates deeply and hits me right in the cry-centre.).

I often drift in and out of participation in all things GT, and am so grateful that this doesn’t rule me out of receiving the love, support, and humour of this wonderful community. Thank you guys.


I’m letting myself finish this pack of breakup cigarettes today and then keeping on keeping on. My hair is gloriously deep conditioned. I made a DIY leg scrub and my legs are so smooth I can’t stop touching them (creepy). I ordered prescription refills, made an appointment with my doctor for a new IUD (ugh, that’ll be fun), and am editing a manuscript for some colleagues. I have completely ignored every thesis-related responsibility this week, but next week is a new one. I’ve got interesting social engagements planned for every night this week and a weekend open to exercise, sunshine, and whatever the fuck else I want to do. Maybe I’ll finally finish this adorable pair of pyjamas I’ve been sewing

(I screwed up the top and think I have to start over....learning how to inset piping for the first time is a tricky business. But I spent some time reading the collar tutorial, and the shorts are done - now that I’ve gotten the mistakes out of the way I know I can sail through finishing in short order.)

...woah. Maybe that is a metaphor for my future dating life. TIME WILL TELL.

Thanks again guys. *repetitive girl is repetitive*