Thank you very, very much to the amazing GTer (I think I know who you are, butI wasn't sure if we're allowed to mention names) who sent us this package of food (Watson likes it, too!).

We got 4 bags of tortellini, 4 bags of cornmeal, and a jar of milk powder. This is SO helpful! We can make all kind of pancakes, cornbread, hush puppies, etc., with the cornmeal, and the milk powder will help us make rolls/bread for a lot cheaper. For the same price as a bread from the grocery store, we can make more loaves ourselves, and this really, really helps. The tortellini especially are going to be ridiculously helpful because I don't always have the energy to cook lunch, so I usually skip it. This will be an easy meal. Thank you thank you thank you thank you (& thank you from Manstrophy). We really needed it!